GAIN Capital Rolls Out International Money Transfer Service In The UK

GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. has unveiled the launch of a new money transfer service on, which is company’s FX brand.

When transfering money internationally, whether for business or individual purposes, forex brokers are fast becoming the preferred choice, therefore it is no wonder that entered the race.

Perks of the new service

Usage of the new service enables indivuduals and businesses to transfer money in 26 currencies across 200 countries in a quick manner, via their desktop, tablet or mobile device.

According to the company, the transfer and exchange rates will be highly competitive which should attract even clients who transfer small amounts of money.

“The international money transfer service is a natural extension for, a global market leader in retail foreign exchange trading servicing customers in over 180 countries. We’ve leveraged our nearly two decades of experience in FX to bring a fast, reliable and cost-effective cross-border payments solution to the market. As a highly trusted name in foreign exchange, we offer our customers peace of mind that their transactions will be handled safely and securely,” said Glenn Stevens, CEO of Gain Capital.

In addition, the service offers instant rate quotes and transfer time of under 24 hours within the EU, and 24-48 hours in regions outside Europe.

Te service will be initially available only to UK clients, but in the coming months it will be expanded to other European countries.

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