New British Pound Note Contains Animal Fat

Life nowadays would be unthinkable without animals. Animals are pets, they are raised as food and they provide products important to everyday life. And with the latest revelation coming from the Bank of England, their usage is even wider.

Namely, the new five-pound note introduced by BoE Governor Mark Carney contains animal fat.

Petition against the five-pound note

The Bank of England began to switch to polymer banknotes because they are supposed to last longer and offer more security features. Collectors were thrilled and spent significant amounts of money on the notes, while other people have been frustrated, as the new money sometimes gets stuck in machines. Nevertheless, there is one feature the BoE did not reveal until now – the new banknotes contain animal fat.

As you can imagine, the veggie community was not happy at all with this information. Now almost 100,000 vegetarians and vegans have signed a petition to stop the production of the notes containing the fat. On the other hand, meat eaters do not see a problem here, as veggie-lovers are not supposed to eat the notes, just use them.

Features of the new note

The new British pound note has five main features. They are:
1. Security feature – a hologram containing the word “five” changes to “pounds” when tilted
2. Longer lasting – the new polymer note can last around 5 years longer than paper
3. Plastic notes – 21,835 banknotes were replaced in 2015 due to damage, polymer note should reduce this number
4. Sir Winston Churchill – the new five pound note includes a portrait of Sir Winston Churchill from 1941
5. Water resistant – the new banknote is resistant to dirt and moisture

A spokesperson for the Bank of England said it had recently become aware of the issue, emphasizing that the polymer used to make cash is provided by the company called Innovia Films. This company supplies polymer to 23 other countries, including Canada, Australia, Mexico and New Zealand, for use in currency.

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