Swissquote Rolls Out First Virtual Reality Trading App

Swissquote, a Swiss banking group specializing in the provision of online financial and trading services, is launching an innovative virtual reality trading application which uses a VR helmet.

Back in 2008, Swissquote became the first bank in Switzerland to offer its own iPhone trading application, followed by an iPad version two years later. Additionally, in 2010, the Swiss bank became the first taker of the Java version of Temenos’ core banking system – T24.

How does the VR trading app function?

The app itself is simple. When the user puts on the VR goggles, he/she transfers to a 360-degree environment, where a menu is displayed. The wall within the VR trading is customizable with a choice of themed wallpapers.

But above all, users can track in real-time the market development. The SMI values, exchange rates, their own portfolio, green color represents winners and red the losers. The appearance of the app will seem familiar to Swissquote customers.

“Being at the forefront of technology is Swissquote’s signature and our new VR Trading application is another illustration of our innovative capacity. While it’s true that the use of VR helmets is still marginal, building our application allows us to also perfect Swissquote’s existing applications on other devices, therefore accelerating our own technological evolution. In this way, the Fast Trade tool, initially developed for VR helmets, will eventually be usable for our Apple watch application,” said Paolo Buzzi, CTO at Swissquote.

Owners of VR helmets will soon be able to download this innovative solution on their iOS and Android devices.

Eye-tracking technology

Users, who are also Swissquote clients, will be able to execute trades thanks to eye tracking technology from Fast Trade.

This technology makes it easier to execute trades, by pre-setting a number of criteria, including the preferred investment amount. This amount is set at CHF 5,000 by default. After selecting a stock, the trader needs to click on “buy” and “confirm” to complete the trade. Both actions are also executed using the app’s eye-tracking technology.

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