ThinkMarkets Becomes Owner Of Trade Interceptor

ThinkMarkets, a multi-asset brokerage offering foreign exchange, contracts-for-difference and commodities, has acquired mobile trade analytics app Trade Inceptor, in an effort to become a genuine mobile retail broker.

The deal, valued in the low 7 figures, will enable ThinkMarkets to connect its trading platform to Trade Interceptor to offer its clients the ability to place their orders on the same platform.

About Trade Interceptor app

Trade Interceptor is an app which can be downloaded from Google Play Store, and is known as a professional currency trading app that has advanced analysis indicators and analysis tools. It is free and has a 500,000 number of downloads.

“We have a mobile-first strategy that will transform the world of online trading and propel us to become the world’s largest mobile-trading broker. We are heavily investing in mobile by offering users the very best mobile trading experience, our products come with exceptional order-execution, coupled with the advanced tools that our customers need to create and run trading strategies, wherever and whenever they want,” said Nauman Anees, CEO and co-founder of ThinkMarkets.

“By integrating with one of the world’s leading retail brokerages, we completely remove the need for traders to be chained to their desks. The world is mobile, traders should be too. Now traders can train, research, analyse and execute from a single platform with no loss of functionality, giving them a level of freedom that just hasn’t been seen before,” said Rodolfo Festa Bianchet, CEO of Trade Interceptor.

The app provides over 60 currencies, Oil, Gold, Silver, indices, real-time market news and streaming quotes. In addition, there are more than 80 technical analysis, and over 40 graphical tools which can be found on the app.

Office in Sofia

By now, Trade Interceptor has been mainly focused on English, and ThinkMarkets has an intention to change that praxis.

The company unveiled that it will prioritize the application’s Chinese language interface and add more regions and asset classes in the next few months.

The office in Sofia, Bulgaria, which the company bought along with the app, will be focusing on mobile tech development for the brokerage.

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